vineri, 2 august 2013

Iată omul

His head resembles the celestial sphere by his shape and roundness as well as by the good inlaid lights such as seeing, smelling, tasting and speaking. His eyes are similar to the sun and the moon, his nostrils to the two winds, his ears to the East and West, his front to the day and his back to the night, his walking to the motion of stars and his sitting to their being fixed, his retreat to their decline and his death to their burning.
   His abdominal organs are seven equal to the number of the moving planets. He has seven bones in his head equal to the numbers of days in the week, 24 vertebras in his back equal to the numbers of the hours of the day and night, and 28 joints equal to the number of the houses of the moon and the number of the alphabets. The number of his intestines are equal to the lunar phases, and the number of arteries are 365 with an equal number of veins, and that is equal to the number of days and nights of the year, as well as to the number of the celestial degrees. The number of his diffrent characteristics is equal to the number of changes in a time of the year.

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